Finance Trigger
Stock Market Interaction Made Easy
Our mission at Fintrig is pretty straightforward, to inspire all investors to invest rationally through a simple and easy to use triggering (alerting) platform. No setup, no downloads. Just one click to set alerts.
We experienced that there are many pain points and the increasing gap between how professional investors and retail investors invest. And specifically, the lack of innovation from most of the Indian brokers and the robo-advisors are far from the reach of retail investors. We wanted to help the everyday investor have access to the same data that professionals had, and deliver it in a more concise and sensible manner.
Anyone who's ever bought or sold a stock will know; often times an emotion, like fear or greed can become drivers for an action. Between the media, your friends, twitter and the market itself, it becomes really difficult to stay calm when it concerns your investments. That's where Fintrig (Finance Triggers) will help you make sensible decisions.
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