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CloneFolio clones public portfolio of well known individual investors & corporate funds updated once per quarter based on shareholding patterns.

Instead of targetting tens of thousands of stocks, limit your research to those which are already crunched by big bulls of market like Nemish Shah, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Dolly Khanna etc.

We are very much determined to make it an overall platform to track every big investor and gave access to those information to retails investors - all for free.

A investing blog for naive beginners in stock market, as a way to showcase the best investing content on the web.

The site actively looks to promote the best articles on stock market, investing and analysis of different sectors.

You can also submit your (relevant) blog to their directory of other sites in the space.

We experienced that their are many pain points and the increasing gap between how professional investors and retail investors invest.

And Specifically, the lack of innovation from most of the Indian brokers and the robo-advisors are far from the reach of retail investors.

BSE Notifier helps the everyday investor have access to the same data and tools that professionals had, and deliver it in a more concise and sensible manner.

Automate Your Finance is planned to become India's first ever web based automation platform accessible by mass retail market of India.

Automation is the future of tech world. We, here, are trying to tap the market of automation in Finance Industry, especially the stock market.

This will help you to transact stocks in real market based on some pre-determined automated triggers. No manual executions.

We don't settle for good.

What could be better than conceptualizing something that has never existed before? We are determined to provide web solutions for Fintech Products. Our only question is, will it be yours?

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Serverless Architecture

From an idea to a prototype, we use Firebase to turn your idea into full stack scalable web solution in no time.

Backend Development

We use NodeJS for Server, Mongodb for Database and Firebase Cloud Function to bridge the gap for complex tasks


Every interface should not just look good, but also feels right, making your experience flawlessly intuitive.


Designing a new useful way to use your device, entertaining you, this is what makes us feel like future smiles to us.


From an idea to product. What could be better than conceptualizing something that has never existed before?


Using different devices in various situations should be an advantage, not a drawback. And we like advantages.

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We would like to work on interesting fintech projects with good people. Need a hand? We have many. Always looking forward to space and time travels new opportunities, so if you want us to add some juicy touch to your technical projects, step inside.

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Fintrig is a Fintech Web Development Company mainly operates in stock market industry, building products that are complex for today's world but will be the norm for tomorrow. Our close-knit team has never stopped amazing people. Every single day, we work hard to push ourselves forward.
Let's work together on building breakthrough technologies that go beyond our universe.